Guzheng Performance Venue and Traditional Music Development in Urban Cultural Space: A Case Study of a City in Shaanxi Province

  • Chenyan Du Dr, School of Music, krirk university, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand, 10700.
  • Hongtao Wang Professor,School of Music, krirk university, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand, 10700.


Guzheng; Cultural Space; Traditional Music; Music Culture..


With a history spanning over two thousand years, the Chinese Zheng has played a significant role in cross-cultural communication. Throughout China's history, the Guzheng has consistently been a crucial instrument in international exchanges and foreign cultural interactions. In the context of continuous globalization, it is essential to enhance the construction of the Chinese discourse system, effectively narrate Chinese stories, and strengthen the influence of international communication. Therefore, promoting the international discourse power of Zheng music and developing specialized talents for international communication in the contemporary era is imperative. This research, viewed from the perspective of Zheng's urban cultural space, will employ an interdisciplinary methodology grounded in literature review. It will explore traditional music, cultural space, and music culture from three distinct aspects. To meet the demands of international communication of Chinese culture in the new era, facilitate the global dissemination of Chinese culture, and enhance the international discourse power of Chinese Zheng, the study will offer recommendations on music inheritance and development. These recommendations will encompass the governmental level, the international sphere, and multi-dimensional platforms.

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