The Political and Social Nature of Malaysia in the Light of the Federal System

  • Haider Kashkoul Hassan Mustansiriya University, College of Political Science, Department of Political Systems.


Diverse Society, Power Sharing, Democratic Political System, Federal System of Governance, Inclusivity..


The diverse nature of Malaysian society has had a profound influence on the country, with its rich tapestry of ethnicities, religions, languages, and nationalities. Malaysia has made significant strides in establishing institutions that foster power sharing and encourage positive collaboration, thanks to its democratic political system. This is evident in the three branches of government and the allocation of power between the federal and local levels. The measures highlight the state's ability to adapt and incorporate diverse strategies to foster inclusivity within its society. This system's dedication to democratic practices and the protection of individual and group rights clearly demonstrates its effectiveness. Malaysia has fully embraced the federal system of governance, allowing for a fair distribution of wealth at both the federal and local levels. This has greatly benefited the country's political and social framework, showcasing the positive impact of this system.