Pedagogical leadership: a review of the scientific literature in WOS and Scopus



schools, education, school capital, professional development, learning management, and lifelong learning.


Pedagogical leadership (PL) is crucial to a school's efficient and effective administration. Despite government efforts to devise education policies and reforms, there are still obstacles to closing the gaps in student learning outcomes through school leadership-led initiatives. This study assesses current knowledge regarding PL in school management (GE). To achieve this, a systematic review was conducted using bibliometric analysis, a quantitative methodology based on the publication of scientific literature in the Scopus and Web of Science (WOS) databases between 2018 and 2022. Applying methodological exclusion and inclusion criteria, 70 articles on PL were identified, and a qualitative analysis of a bibliographic review with bibliometric support was conducted. Studies indicate that the greater the empowerment of the pedagogical leadership of the school leadership, the greater its capacity to mobilize diverse training strategies to qualify teachers, and consequently, the higher the quality of student learning outcomes. A relationship between pedagogical leadership and the achievement of student learning outcomes is also established.