Conditions for Donations to the University by Alumni: Faculty of Management Science of a Public University in Thailand


  • Theerawat Hungsapruek Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla 90112, Thailand


Donation, Alumni, University, CSR


This study consists of qualitative research conducted by interviewing six university alumni who have made at least two donations to their alma mater within the past five years, as well as quantitative research conducted by surveying 222 alumni, and statistical tests such as the t-test, ANOVA, and multiple regression were used to test the hypothesis. According to the research, the alumni donating to the institution are private employees whose employers engage in CSR efforts. Female alumni were more likely to donate than male alumni, and alumni over 50 were more likely to donate than alumni in other age categories. A direct invitation from the university, the necessity of the university to raise tuition funds for younger students, and the construction of additional classrooms all played a role in the choice to donate to the university. This study would serve as a practical guideline for colleges seeking to acquire funds from alumni so they may earn enough to withstand the current downturn.