Action Research in Science Teacher Education Program: Significance and Benefit According to the Students-Teachers' Assessments

  • Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Gaseem Department of Teaching and Curriculum Faculty of Educational sciences. The Hashemite University, PO Box 330127, Zarqa 13133, Jordan
  • Dr. Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh Assistant Professor, Special Education Department, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia


Action research aims to train in-service professionals, encourage them to communicate their professional ideas, and build their evaluation abilities by encouraging instructors to be self-reflective and critical regarding their professional practices. The study analyzed the action research in the science teacher education program at Sultan Qaboos University according to the student's assessments. A sample of 111 male and female students from Sultan Qaboos University was collected for this study. For the statistical analysis of this study, Smart PLS 3.0 is utilized. This study found that teacher learning, teacher learning, and the relationship between instructors and students influence the implementation of action research. The work makes a substantial theoretical contribution to the existing body of knowledge. Furthermore, the work has practical implications for improving the implementation of action research in science teacher education programs. The future directions of this research are essential for advancing the body of knowledge.

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