The sway of Emotional Intelligence and its cutting-edge on the Performance of Employees

  • Vimala Venugopal Muthuswamy Business Administration Department King Faisal University, Al hasa 31982 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • M. Lakshmi Bala Head & Research Advisor, Department of Business Administration Kunthavai Naachiyaar Government Arts College for Women, Tanjavur, India


Emotional intelligence, Collective Intelligence, Personal competence, Relational Competence, Performance, SEM.


This study aims to demonstrate and determine how emotional intelligence influences an employee's efficacy and performance at work. In this study, we hope to demonstrate that a person's effectiveness at work and overall job performance is based not just on their professional experience and IQ but also heavily on their emotional intelligence. The researcher selected an exploratory study strategy and stratified sampling to select 800 respondents from 12 financial institutions in India and the Middle East. The respondents were selected using a method of convenient sampling. Under two categories, including personal and relational competence, five EI components were utilized. This research employs SEM, Multivariate approach, Factor analysis, and Multiple regression. The research results indicate that collective intelligence and cooperation increase EI. Also, the employee's overall personal and relational competence performance has a strong and positive correlation.

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