Saudi Female health workers job performance: Examining the Influence of job burnout (JB), work-life balance (WLB), and work environment (WE)

  • Dr. Vimala Venugopal Muthuswamy Department of Management, School of Business, King Faisal University, Al hasa 31982, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Work-life balance, job burnout, performance, organizational culture, stress, mental health.


Work-life balance is becoming increasingly popular as female employees struggle to reconcile their personal and professional lives, leading to burnout. Providing adequate facilities and a positive work environment enhances job performance. The present study employs a quantitative methodology to investigate the investigated variables and their relative relationship. In Saudi Arabia, questionnaires were distributed to female healthcare workers. 200 finalized questionnaires were processed as competent and complete responses for data analysis. SPSS and AMOS statistical techniques were utilized for data analysis and hypothesis testing. WLB and job performance (JP) and WE and JP were found to have a statistically significant relationship, according to the results. JP was a significant moderator between JB and WLB but did not affect the relationship between JB and WE. The present study has different theoretical and practical benefits as it contributes to expanding knowledge and literature regarding the variables under investigation. Practically, the research provides the health sector of Saudi Arabia with valuable insights regarding the importance of work culture and work-life balance in fostering a caring and considerate environment for their employees.

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