The Role of Music in Advertising Strategy on Tourist Attitude and Intention to Visit the Destination

  • Maneenate Worrachananun School of Humanities and Tourism Management, Bangkok University, THAILAND


Music, Music Advertising, Attitude, Intention to Visit.


Advertising uses music as one of its significant factors because it can evoke sensation, emotion, and response. This research aims to determine the effect that music used in destination advertising has on the attitudes and intentions of tourists. The researcher collected 602 samples based on a Likert scale questionnaire and analyzed the data using a structural equation model. The results indicate that music with a tempo of 180 BPM (Beats per minute) and a frequency higher than Key C has a more significant influence on the sample's attitude and intention to visit the advertised location than other types of music. Moreover, the fast cadence tends to rouse them to happiness and gives them a sense of the destination's vitality, which encourages them to want to visit the location.

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