The Extent to which Jordanian University Students Rely on Social Networking Sites and their Role in Awareness of Cancer

  • Dr. Rasmieh Al Shogran Associate Professor at Jadara University


Jordanian university students, social networking sites, awareness of cancer, social media information.


This study aims to classify the degree to which Jordanian university students rely on social networking sites and their role in cancer awareness. The research population included all public and private university students in Jordan. A questionnaire was devised and administered to the study's sample of 500 students as part of the descriptive-analytical strategy. Utilizing SPSS software, the researcher verified the study's hypotheses and accomplished its objectives. The results demonstrated that social media campaigns (type of platforms, preferred message design/types, and preferred message source/sender) contributed effectively to cancer awareness. Due to its impact on society and cancer patients, the study recommended increasing social media interest in the psychological aspect of cancer patients and showcasing their struggle with the disease and how they overcame it.

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