Development of Children's Audio Media as A Stimulus for Creativity and Interpretation Ability in Learning for Elementary School

  • Waluyo Hadi Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Yofita Sari Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Fahrurrozi Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Desy Safitri Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Arita Marini Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Iva Sarifah Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Leola Dewiyani Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia


Development of Children's ,Elementary School ,Interpretation Ability ,


Objective. Frequently, education is confronted with significant obstacles; therefore, there is a need for media innovation in learning that can stimulate students' creativity and ability to analyze learning information. This study intends to examine the impact of children's song audio media on the creativity and interpretation skills of Jakarta, Indonesia, elementary school students.  Method. This study used the research and development (RND) methodology, with a sample of 665 primary school pupils in the Jakarta region selected using the approach of purposive sampling. Analyses of qualitative and quantitative data. Results. This study demonstrates that using the audio of children's songs to enhance students' creativity and interpretation skills is practical and useful. Consequences for research and practice Through the audio media of children's songs, pupils can swiftly absorb the contents of the learning conveyed through songs and polish their creativity in composing songs based on topics. The findings of this study will give educational practitioners strategies for instilling creativity and the ability to comprehend the content of a tale in primary school-aged children to foster a generation that is creative, imaginative, and able to capitalize on obstacles.

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