Improving Revisit Intention in Tourists in Post-Pandemic Iraq: Moderating Role of Memorable Tour Experience

  • Hidab Rasul Sharif College of technical engineering/ National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, Iraq
  • Haady Abdilnibi Altememy College of Islamic Sciences/ The Islamic university in Najaf, Iraq
  • Mohammed Yousif Oudah Al- Muttar Scientific Research Center, Al-Ayen University, Thi-Qar, Iraq
  • Nada Sami Naser Department of Arabic Language, College of Education, Sawa University, Almuthana, Iraq
  • Isama Hasoon College of education/ Al-Farahidi University/Iraq
  • Nazar Abdulghffar al-sammarraie College of Arts, Department of Media/ Al-Esraa University, Baghdad/ Iraq
  • Israa Abed Jawad Department of education/ Al-Nisour University College/Iraq
  • Ammar dameem Nsaif Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad, 10011, Iraq
  • Salem Dawood Salman Department of pharmacy/ Ashur University College/Baghdad/ Iraq


Tourism sector, revisit intention, destination image, hygiene factors, and tour experience..


This study investigated the hygiene and motivator destination image factors on tourists' intention to revisit Iraq during the post-pandemic era. The study was completed via a survey of personal and online administration from tourists to analyze the relationship between hygiene measures, destination image, and revisit intention. The study's findings showed that within the context of Iraq, the hygiene factors reduced the revisit intention of the tourists. In contrast, destination image was found to increase the revisit intention. The memorable tour experience was also found to moderate significantly and negatively, reducing the overall revisit intention. The findings from the study emphasize the need for the tourism sector and agencies to prioritize policy development and positive promotion of the country to enhance its image and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.

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