Gender Diversity, Managerial Competence, and Sustainable Opportunities in Iraqi Textile SMEs

  • Ressin Kaze Baher College of technical engineering/ National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, Iraq
  • Nour Raheem Neamah Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences, Amarah, Iraq
  • Zaid Ahmed College of education/ ; Al-Farahidi University/Iraq
  • Toman Alkhafagy college of media/ the Islamic university in Najaf/ Iraq
  • Akram Ali Anber Al-Esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Krar Muhsin Thajil Mazaya university college/ Iraq
  • Mohamed Amer Alseidi Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad 10011, Iraq
  • Salem Dawood Salman Department of pharmacy/ Ashur University College/Baghdad/ Iraq
  • Israa Abed Jawad Department of education/ Al-Nisour University College/Iraq


gender diversity, managerial competence, SME performance, management cognition of sustainable opportunities..


The SME’s performance has been observed to have a significant portion in the economic growth rate. In order to find the current status of SMEs in Iraq, this study has investigated the impact of gender diversity, managerial competence as independent and the managerial competencies for sustainable development as moderator on the SME’s performance. quantitative study approach has been used to conduct this study, and the data was collected from 300 SME firms, and the collected data was analysed through the father of statistical analysis SPSS. The hierarchal regression model was used to calculate the results. The results have interpreted the positive association of gender diversity and managerial competence on SME performance, but the moderator shows no role in SME performance. This study has discussed its limitations, implications, and future directions in the last portions.