The effect of music in destination marketing on tourists' attitudes and intentions to visit secondary-tier destinations in the northern part of Thailand

  • Maneenate Worrachananun School of Humanities and Tourism Management, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand


destination marketing; music; tourists' attitudes; intentions to visit.


Musical encounters profoundly influence individual, societal, and formative experiences. Also frequently employed in destination marketing and advertising is music. Individual perception and mood can be influenced by the various structural components of sound in music. Consequently, this study aims to investigate the effect of music on destination marketing by examining tourist attitudes and intention to visit after being exposed to various musical structure elements. The researchers constructed 18 pieces of contemporary pop music in which time, pitch, texture, and message were intertwined. With 388 samples, the researchers conducted the experimental study. After the sample was exposed to the musical pieces, they responded to a questionnaire regarding their opinions. The results reveal that music with a higher pitch, rapid rhythms, and intricate arrangements scores the highest attitude toward the destination's image and intention to visit. Given the great importance of attitudes toward advertising music high-pitched with quick rhythms and intricate arrangements, the researchers propose that destination marketers/advertisers consider music a crucial element when developing a marketing or advertising plan.

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