The Effect of Data Mining and Knowledge Management on Customer Relationship Management: Moderating Influence of Innovation Capability

  • Fahad Aldhaban MIS Department, College of Business Administration, University of Business and Technology, Jeddah 21448, Saudi Arabia


Data Mining, Innovation Capability, Knowledge Management, Customer Relationship Management..


The aim of this investigation was to scrutinize the influence of data mining and knowledge management on customer relationship management (CRM) within industrial entities operating in Saudi Arabia, while also exploring the moderating role of innovation capability (IC). A questionnaire was disseminated, yielding a sample of 196 information technology managers and supervisors. The study employed sophisticated statistical techniques including path coefficients, means, standard deviations, T statistics, and p-values, analysed via the Smart PLS program to ensure methodological rigor. Significant findings were revealed, contributing to the existing body of knowledge. Notably, the utilization of data mining techniques within CRM demonstrated a statistically significant positive impact. Furthermore, a significant association between knowledge management and CRM was identified. The moderating effect of IC was found to be significant in the relationship between data mining and CRM, amplifying their positive correlation and underscoring the importance of cultivating an innovative culture. Additionally, IC emerged as a positive moderator in the relationship between knowledge management and CRM, augmenting its influence within organizations that prioritize innovation initiatives.

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