The Influence of Social Media on University Students’ FutureAspirations and Planning

  • Hunida Gindil Abu Backer Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication, College of art and science, Abu Dhabi University


University Student, Future Plans, Extensive Use, Social Media..


This study aims to assess the impact of intensive social media use on university students’ future plans. To achieve our goal, 496 media students at Abu Dhabi University were surveyed using a quantitative descriptive methodology and a questionnaire. The findings revealed a growing trend among students to pursue content creation for financial gain, potentially compromising ethical standards and educational commitments. Furthermore, a concerning percentage of students expressed a willingness to abandon their studies for social media fame. Additionally, we found that intensive social media use hinders the development of cultural identity by causing a disconnect from local issues. Therefore, this article recommends the following. Firstly, implementing educational guidance programs to align students’ future plans with sustainable development goals. Secondly, raising awareness among stakeholders about the risks of excessive social media use. Thirdly, media literacy courses should be incorporated into curricula. Fourthly, balanced social media consumption should be promoted. Lastly, fostering stronger cultural identity formation. Accordingly, universities and social media platforms should cooperate to advance responsible content creation. This collaboration will lessen the detrimental influence of excessive social media use on students’ academic as well as personal growth.

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