Optimizing Food Delivery Provision Methods: The Role of Technology in Improving Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

  • Muhammad Awais Bhatti Associate Professor, Department of Management, College of Business Administration, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa 31982, Saudi Arabia.
  • Waleed Abdulrahman Alawad Assistance Professor, Department of Business Administration, College of Business and Economics, Qassim University, Buraidah 51452, Saudi Arabia.


Customer satisfaction, Food delivery, Online ratings, Service quality.


This research seeks to elucidate the primary determinants of customer satisfaction within the domain of food delivery services, emphasizing specifically the moderating influence of online customer reviews. The study employed multiple regression analysis to test hypotheses and moderation analysis to examine interactions between factors such as online tracking and delivery experience and customer satisfaction. Data for this study was gathered from 233 customers who utilised online food delivery services at their residences within the preceding three months. The empirical results of the research suggest that online ratings significantly moderate the relationship between various factors associated with food delivery and overall customer satisfaction. Furthermore, higher scores on online evaluations amplify the positive impact of factors such as online tracking, delivery service, and customer satisfaction conditions. The study concludes that enhancing online reputation and service quality are pivotal in cultivating a positive customer experience in the food delivery sector. This research makes a unique contribution to the field by analyzing the interplay among multiple determinants and the moderating influence of online ratings on customer satisfaction.

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