The Relationship between Executive Functions, Risk-taking Behaviour, and Behavioural Activation Inhibition Systems in Kuwaiti Secondary Schools

  • Majed Mustapha Ali Department of Psychology, College of Education, Kuwait University, Kuwait.


Executive Functions, Risk - Taking Behaviour, and Behaviour Inhibition System/ Behaviour Activation System..


This study examines the correlation between executive functions (EF) and risk-taking behaviour (RTB), as well as the behaviour inhibition system (BIS) and behaviour activation system (BAS), among secondary school students in the State of Kuwait. 450 Kuwaiti students participated in the study and completed three scales: EF, RTB, and BIS/BAS. The results showed a clear inverse connection between EF and RTB, while indicating a positive association between EF and BIS/BAS. In addition, there are notable variations between males and females in terms of EF, with males showing a slight advantage. Similarly, when it comes to BIS and BAS, girls tend to have a slight edge. Ultimately, RTB and BIS/BAS possess the ability to make valuable contributions towards shaping the future of EF.

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