Information Privacy Concerns on Social Networks: A study of Qassim University Students

  • Fahad Alturise Department of Computer, College of Science and Arts Ar Rass, Qassim University, Ar Rass, Saudi Arabia


Social media, privacy concerns, privacy value, privacy control, social networking.


The privacy of social networks is necessary for the protection of the confidential information of the public. Social media networks are increasing privacy protection for a better user experience. The students are mature and more concerned about privacy-related information on social networks. This research aimed to investigate the impact of privacy control, privacy concerns, and privacy value on trust on social media. This research has collected cross-sectional data from the students of Qassim University. The study has used “Smart PLS 3.0” for findings and data analysis. The analyzed data shows that the direct impact of privacy control, privacy concerns, and privacy value is accepted (t > 1.96 and p < 0.05) on trust in social media. The framework of this study for trust in social media is newly developed in the literature that is a significant addition to the body of knowledge. The research framework of this study has significant theoretical implications in the body of knowledge that weren’t discussed by the earlier studies. Practically, this research also has implications for the improvement of the trust of students in social media, as this trust is necessary for the growth of social media. The study has presented its limitations with future directions appropriate for improving the trust model on social media networks.

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